Doing a virtual tour isn’t just beneficial during a Pandemic. Although having this resource during COVID-19 has undoubtedly been a life-saver for many homeowners who need to sell their home, virtual tours have implications far beyond just being a way to practice social distancing during the home buying/selling process. Sellers can benefit from having a virtual tour of their home no matter the time or situation.

It’s The Future:
Shopping has exploded online—that includes browsing for Real Estate. Since such a huge emphasis has been placed on searching for homes online through,, etc., virtual tours have become the next big thing. What makes a successful home sale is the digital marketing strategy, and providing a virtual tour gives listings a competitive edge and impresses potential buyers. They will be dazzled by this savy technological solution and will translate this mindset to the home they are viewing.

Less Serious Buyers Filtered Out:
We’ve all been there—you see photos of a home and think it’s absolutely gorgeous, but when you go to an in-person tour, it’s not at all what you wanted! Or on the other hand, sometimes the photos just do not do the house justice! Pictures can be deceiving as they are edited and hand-selected to make the property look its best, or sometimes they are just not able to capture the home’s true beauty. Having a virtual tour gives buyers a chance to look at the home in more intense detail, almost like they were there. Without wasting the seller’s time, they can decide with greater confidence if they want to take the next steps and view the home in-person.

Permanent Open House:
Sellers can host 24/7 open houses of their home with a virtual tour! An in-person open house is a lot of work for both a Real Estate Agent, and the homeowner. They are often very long days, can be stressful for the family, and take a lot of work to orchestrate. With a virtual tour, potential buyers can come and go as they please.

Using this cutting-edge technology, sellers have the upper hand in showcasing their homes to potential buyers. They can display their home with great detail and be confident that those who come in-person have already made up their mind. Providing less stress and less hassle, virtual tours are truly the way to go!

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