Do you feel like your house gets more cluttered every year? The first thing many of us do once we realize we have too much junk is immediately run out to buy storage supplies. However, the best thing to do to get organized is to first assess the damage and purge your belongings of stuff you can get rid of. After that, there are several ways to reorganize your remaining items. Read on for our tips to getting your house looking neat and tidy:

1. All drawers should have organizers in them! Instead of stuffing all your things in one big space, get an organizer to separate each item, so it’s more accessible.

2. Label storage boxes. You may think you’ll remember, but the chances are that a few years down the road, you’ll have no idea what’s in them!

3. Don’t use lids on baskets, hampers, etc. to allow easy access to and from the containers. It shouldn’t be hard to access your organizing units; they should be open so you can put stuff in and take stuff out with ease.

4. Frequently used items should be easiest to get to. If you keep your daily use items in high cabinets that require a step-stool, it leaves more room for disorganization.

5. Install wall shelves. Space out some of your knick-knacks on wall shelves instead of storing them all on your coffee or dinner table.

6. Clever furniture. If you’re in the market for some new pieces for your home, consider getting furniture that has built-in shelves for all your collected items.

7. If your kitchen is feeling overwhelmed with pots and pans and you have some extra wall space, getting a stainless steel rail installed under your cabinets to hang your stuff on is a great touch! Also, consider a ceiling-mounted organizer to hang things on.

8. Be picky about what you bring into your home in the future. Buy things because you’ll enjoy them, not because you have to have a complete set!

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