Our Valentines Day post, HAS to be dedicated to a VERY special client 🙂 You know those people that come into your life, and for whatever reason, you immediately feel connected to them? That happened when Melissa Ciba reached out to me! I immediately felt connected with her!

She was in the same situation as many clients where they want to move but don’t know if it will all work out! My amazing agent partner Maria Steppling met with her, and we were able to show her and her awesome hubby how we can make it all possible!

On top of feeling so connected, she worked really hard on listening to suggestions regarding staging and it sure paid off! We were able to sell their home for above asking price, and received multiple offer! On top of that Maria worked hard to find off-market properties that many other buyers didn’t even know about to show the Ciba’s and we found them the perfect home!

Melissa, clients like you is why we LOVE what we get to do each day! It has been such an honor to help you and your family 🙂