Helping people find their dream homes is my passion! I am proud to be a Buyer Specialist on EmpwowerHome Team, which has a team of remarkable people that support me in my goal to make a huge impact on families! Before earning my Florida Real Estate License, I graduated from the University of Florida and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art.

I pride myself on being an engaged listener that can leverage empathy to help people find their ideal home. I believe that communicating effectively builds a special type of client relationship that has a foundation of trust—which is definitely something you want to have when dealing with your largest asset! Sitting down and taking the time to understand what truly motivates my clients is a virtue that helps them achieve their goals. Above all else, I love helping people and making them happy. There is no better feeling in my career than watching people become homeowners!

My most compelling experience and win has been starting a new chapter in my life through grace and persistence. The love and support shown by my teenage sons, Alexander and Nicholas, encourage me to work harder to continue to make them proud of me! I am blessed to have achieved so many goals, and with the support of my Team Family, I continue to set higher ones!

In my free time, you can find me exercising, taking photos, doing other forms of art, going to concerts, traveling, doing outdoor activities, and cooking. Being with my family is what I enjoy the most!