Arlene is a proud Outside Sales Agent (OSA) who works with individuals and families by assisting them in achieving their real estate dreams! She exemplifies commitment and loyalty to her clients through her hard work as treats each one like they are her first priority. She has proven over and over again to make a definite improvement in her clients’ lives.

Arlene has had multiple personal real estate investments for the past ten years and is very experienced in construction and renovations. She is an excellent listener and has a knack for problem-solving and negotiating while remaining cool and focused under pressure for the WIN! 

Her personality, knowledge of the real estate industry, and desire to continuously grow makes her an outstanding Realtor Partner. She considers herself a lifetime learner!

Her favorite part about her job is meeting new people and developing long-lasting relationships. She has a reputation for being compassionate, honest, and fun to be with!

Arlene and her parents settled in New York City from Italy where her father was a tailor and in later years became a fashion designer and manufacturer while her mother stayed home and had two more babies. Needless to say, Arlene loves to cook and gets her creativity from her dad!

Arlene has worked hard and is very proud of her achievements but if you ask her; she’ll tell you that her greatest achievement and what gives her endless joy, is her son.