In today’s hot real estate market, the decision of whether or not to utilize a real estate agent is critical. While most buyers and sellers value their time greatly and many can’t put in the tremendous number of hours required to manage a transaction on their own, most benefit even more from the expertise that a professional agent delivers. Buying or selling a home is likely the biggest financial event in your life – getting it right is not just important, it’s essential. If you required a surgery to maintain good health, would you prefer the physician who’d mastered his craft through deep experience on many other patients, or the novice who happened to be available, or charged a lesser rate? A North Carolina native, Chris is a seasoned expert and has closed 300+ real estate transactions. He can spot things in a deal that you can’t see – things he’s likely handled dozens of times with other clients. Quite simply – he works for you, to represent your best interests. While some clients wonder if they can afford an agent, Chris’s clients have a shared mindset that they cannot afford not to use his services. A seasoned negotiator, Chris is likely to bring real financial value to your deal that you may not be able to obtain on your own.