Hello! My name is Gus, and I am a certified Commerical Real Estate Agent and work as a Commercial RE Consultant for EmpowerHome Team. My role involves helping people understand how they can leverage real estate to build wealth and a legacy for their families. I enjoy supporting our clients’ goals, helping coach members of the team, listening, training, and setting a good example for others to follow!

Aside from serving others, my favorite part of my job is finding solutions others can’t see. I have a knack for problem-solving and love the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles. I take great pride in my role on the team, but being a parent to 3 beautiful girls has been and continues to be the most compelling journey of my life! Seeing them grow up into talented, compassionate, thoughtful, successful young women is the biggest win in my life so far! I enjoy spending time outdoors and with my wonderful family in my free time. Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail 1-2 times a year is a staple activity my wife and I enjoy together!