As The Director of VA Team Operations, Hazel works directly with the Virtual Assistants and coordinates strategies with their department heads. Recently, she has been added to the Lead Generation Department and will now be sharing her knowledge to support their tasks. Hazel believes that every role is vital to the team’s success and knows that the work she does helps the VAs grow and become better every day!

Before joining EmpowerHome, Hazel obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of the Philippines and went on to earn awards in performing arts, public service, client care, VA Real Estate, and more. She prides herself on building a tight-knit VA Team Family that provides amazing support to EmpowerHome and gives back to their community!

In her free time, Hazel enjoys playing with her wonderful furbabies, Grizz, Pola, and Caltex. She also loves spending time with her family, improving herself, helping her community, and taking Team Leader, Sarah Reynolds’, advice on how to build wealth!