Heidi Cole is one of EmpowerHome Team’s expert Realtor Partners dedicated to helping her clients and their families get the best deals when buying or selling their homes. With over 20 years of real estate experience, she puts her vast real estate knowledge to good use with every transaction.

As an advisor who helps clients and their families achieve their dreams of owning a home, Heidi believes that Realtors have the ability to significantly impact the lives of their clients, and she does whatever she can to live up to the expectations of her clients. She gets great satisfaction from working with first time homebuyers who very much appreciate the guidance and expertise she is able to provide.

Before joining EmpowerHome Team, Heidi graduated from Michigan State University where she earned a BA in Marketing & Advertising. When she’s not busy finding the best deals for her clients, she and her family train and breed American Sattlebred Horses.