Hello, my name is Jeff, and I am a proud realtor of EmpowerHome Team in Orlando, FL! I am passionate about listening to my client’s concerns/questions and fixing them before they turn into problems. We all know that buying/selling a home can be stressful, so if I have the opportunity to problem-solve before an issue becomes a headache, I jump on the opportunity! 

Above all else, I am here to serve families, like yours! I have bought and sold my own homes 4 times in the last 8 years and have had many different experiences from each transaction. You can rest assured that I will treat each of my client’s transactions as if they were my own—I am committed to helping you reach your goals with the least stress possible! 

Many people say they want to sell their homes on their own, and I have personally bought homes with and without a realtor. I believe in the power of a team where you always have someone advocating for your best interests and getting you to the finish line!

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf and tennis! I graduated from Appalachian State with a degree in Music, so it’s safe to say I am a music buff. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 26 years and have a chocolate Labrador Retriever who we love to play with in our time off!