Hi there!

My name is Jimmy, a NY native who has lived in Central Florida for several years. I am passionate about all that this region has to offer, especially the stunning natural springs and remarkable real estate that I am excited to share with my clients. I am a Buyer Specialist for EmpowerHome Team, but prior to getting licensed, I attended UVM, Champlain College, New School for Television and Radio, and VT Institute for Massage Therapy! I also had former training in investment coaching, video production, and massage therapy, and even worked in historic restoration and home remodeling! 

In my role at EmpowerHome Team, I leverage my friendly, easy-going demeanor and genuine compassion and empathy to support families during real estate transactions. I am proud to help families achieve their real estate dreams and build wealth for generations to come! I truly believe in the power of real estate and enjoy helping people unlock its potential! 

It is very rewarding to be a mentor throughout this process, especially to first-time home buyers. Seeing new homeowners light up with excitement and celebrate this huge life accomplishment is a feeling like no other! Being a part of an amazing team that supports your pursuit of greatness is a huge win. 

In my free time, you might be surprised to learn that I am a musician, love riding my motorcycle, and spend time outdoors! In addition, I am very active in community events and fundraising.