Nate is an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) who mostly works with families and investors looking to find the perfect home. He and the rest of the ISA Team plays a huge role in making people aware of what their choices are by means of information of programs that can benefit their search or getting them access to homes they wouldn’t have found without us. At the end of the day, his priority is ensuring all of our client’s needs are met.

Nate recently passed his PSI test, allowing him to get his VA Real Estate License, which will give him an expert’s eye view when helping families during their real estate journey. He firmly believes that our service is paramount to the competition because of he and the rest of the team’s dedication to serving others! 

His favorite part of his job is reaching someone who really needs help and simply knowing he was a bridge for them to achieve their ultimate goal. It is a satisfaction that can only be described as an awesome feeling! 

His most compelling experience was the first appointment he ever booked. He reached a couple in Kentucky that was interested in buying a home in Georgia and was able to link them with an agent accordingly. It made him realize that had he not been on the phones, that wouldn’t have happened!

Before joining EmpowerHome, he worked as an auto mechanic before switching fields and receiving multiple certifications along the way. He worked on hundreds and hundreds of cars, and he says it never felt anywhere near as good as being able to help people find homes!

 During my free time, he enjoys playing video games, socializing with friends and family, playing basketball, and swimming! Between that and his kids, his life is pretty occupied and he wouldn’t have it any other way!