Shelly Balleza is one of EmpowerHome Team’s dedicated Realtor Partners who is passionate about transforming lives through real estate. She takes great pride in building long-term relationships with her clients and ensuring that they receive the best possible service and support throughout every transaction.

As a skilled problem solver and team player, Shelly enjoys turning difficult situations into win-win scenarios for everyone involved. She is committed to standing out from other real estate agents by emphasizing EmpowerHome Team’s guarantee programs and collaborative efforts to get clients the results they want. Her diverse background in retail banking, mortgage lending, and insurance gives her a unique perspective on the real estate process and allows her to provide her clients with exceptional service and support.

When she’s not busy getting her clients the best deal possible, Shelly enjoys spending time with her family, reading, working out, bike riding, and traveling.

If you’re looking for a Realtor who will listen attentively, provide compassionate guidance, and work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals, Shelly Balleza is the agent you can trust. With her proven track record of success and commitment to excellence, she will help you navigate the real estate process with ease and confidence.