Tony Guajardo is a dedicated Realtor Partner for EmpowerHome Team Dallas, serving as both a Buyer and a Listing agent. With a commitment to guiding his clients every step of the way, Tony ensures a hassle-free home buying or selling process. He takes pride in providing the best service possible, allowing his clients to rest easy knowing they are receiving top-quality care from start to finish.

One of Tony’s greatest joys in his work is meeting new people and helping them fulfill their real estate needs. His genuine passion for assisting others extends beyond his real estate career. Tony has valuable experience serving his country in the military and the city of Dallas as a First Responder. Now, he is excited to serve his community in a different capacity within the metroplex.

Tony is a trained and certified Firefighter and Paramedic, demonstrating his dedication to service and his ability to remain calm under pressure. He pursued studies in Fire Science at American Military University, furthering his knowledge and expertise in his field.

Outside of his professional life, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. They share their home with two small Dachshunds, adding joy and companionship to their lives. Exploring new restaurants in the metroplex is one of Tony’s favorite pastimes, always eager to discover new culinary experiences.

With a background of 6 years of active duty in the United States Air Force stationed in various locations and over 8 years as a Dallas Firefighter/Paramedic, Tony brings a wealth of experience, discipline, and dedication to his real estate practice. His commitment to service, both in his previous roles and in his current career, translates into exceptional care and support for his clients.

If you choose Tony Guajardo as your real estate agent, you can expect a compassionate professional who will guide you through your home-buying or selling journey with care and expertise. His background as a military service member and first responder, coupled with his commitment to service, ensures that you will have a reliable and trustworthy advocate by your side.