Yosselyn Calderon is Reynolds EmpowerHome Team’s Director of Operations and Transaction Coordinator. Real estate is more than just a job, for some, it’s a passion that runs deep in their roots.

Yosselyn, for example, has been surrounded by the housing industry for as long as she can remember. Her family has been flipping houses for several years, and many are long-time contractors. One person who really inspired her career path is her aunt, a real estate agent, who first introduced Yosselyn to life as a realtor. 

At 16 years old, Yosselyn was helping her aunt with her real estate business, and the whole process sparked a fire within her. She loved being able to help people find the home of their dreams! Making those life-changing ambitions a reality is what drives her to be better every day. 

Yosselyn grew up in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area, and while pursuing her career in real estate, she was also furthering her education by obtaining a degree in marketing. 

In addition to being organized and hardworking, Yosselyn is also dedicated to transparency. She knows how important it is to feel informed during the home-buying process. Thanks to her extensive background in real estate, she is able to share her wealth of knowledge and help buyers feel educated in the process. 

In her free time, Yosselyn enjoys going to concerts, spending time with her family, and spoiling her cat, Lucy!