Your 20148 Market Review from Sarah Reynolds…

We had 32 homes sell in the 20148 zip code in January. We had 8 single family homes sell and 22 townhomes sell, and 3 condos sell. The average days on market was 62 days and the average sold price was $584,806. Compared to January of 2018, we had 47 homes sell with an average price point of $581,252 and average days on market was 47 days. Homes are taking a little bit longer to sell compared to January of 2018, but the good news is that prices are not being impacted by that in a negative way. We did have a dip in total home sales, but it looks like we will see an increase in February. We are always happy to give an analysis for your specific property, just give us a call at 703-436-2933 directly.”


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