“Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.” -Bernard Shaw

Today we had our Awards for the Month of February. Congratulations to all of the winners for their hard work. Because of you, we were able to support 42 families last month. Also, thank you to Lydia Parvin who accepted the ISA award on behalf of her husband, Marc Parvin.

Congratulations to all the February Awards Recipients:

Top Buyer Agents: Chad, Becky, Elizabeth, & Jenny

Top Listing Agents: Joel & Tim

Top Overall Agent: Becky

Ratifying Machine: Joel

Top Listing Agreements: Joanne

Most Buyer Agreements: Alison

Top ISA Appointments : Brian

Best ISA Closings: Marc

Amazing Support: Hazel

Best Month of their RTR Career: Jenny, Becky, Tyler, Tom & Diana