Running out of gift ideas? Want to really wow your friends and family this Christmas? The Reynolds Team has conjured up this list of the TOP 3 gifts of 2019 that will make you a hero this Christmas!


Using one-use plastic water bottles is not only economically inefficient, but it is also very harmful to the planet. It’s estimated that 80% of plastic water bottles don’t get recycled and end up sitting in landfills. Did you know it takes 1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose?


To save money and to stand against polluting the planet, look no further than the Larq water bottle—this thing is absolutely incredible. It’s not just your typical insulated water bottle (such as the HydroFlask); it also purifies your water for you by using innovative UV light technology that kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. The technology is in the cap—a UV-C LED light breaks down DNA’s chemical bonds eradicating bacteria and viruses (including E-Coli). From there, bacteria will be considered organic matter and is absolutely no harm to you. This same technology is used in hospitals to sterilize patient room surfaces. It is entirely safe—there’s no mercury, and it’s ozone and chemical-free. You don’t even have to replace filters—just recharge the cap every 3 months. You can even drink stream water out of this bottle in “Adventure Mode” so long as the water has been filtered, so it isn’t murky and has been cleared of sediment. Give the gift of a lifetime of clean water no matter where you are in the world this Holiday.


What’s better than cooking with fresh, organic ingredients? Knowing where your food comes from is essential, but what if it came from your own home? What if you had an easy way to grow your own produce without ever having to tend to the plants? Click and Grow has an innovative product for people who don’t have the time to take care of plants—or those who don’t have a green thumb—but still want fresh ingredients. With the touch of a button, you can have up to 9 plants growing. Just fill-up the water tank, put the seed pocket in place, and let Click and Grow do the rest. It will distribute the correct light and water without you ever having to worry about it. Collect lettuces, peppers, basil, lavender, and so much more from your own little garden.


Everyone has them, everyone wants them, but they are costly! Can you guess what we’re talking about? Airpods. They’ve taken the world by storm, and Apple keeps releasing new versions that get more expensive every time. If you’re looking for the same sleek style and audio quality without paying the ridiculous price, check out Juke Pods. Juke Pods look JUST like Apple Airpods, they come in more colors, the audio is BETTER, and they even have a lightning adapter for charging. They are also fully wireless, use bluetooth, and have touch commands for only $75 (for the newest version)!


We hope that you get to enjoy these innovative, exciting gifts this season. Merry Christmas!


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