One of the most rewarding parts of what I get to do everyday is helping first time home buyers achieve homeownership!! A friend from church reached out to me through Facebook a few months ago, wondering if it was possible to purchase her first home. She is a teacher, and has given back to our community and the families in our community for years – it was such an honor for our team to be part of her creating a legacy of homeownership for her family! Our teachers sacrifice so much for our children and for our families, so it is really important that we help them by showing them how they can own a home!

Building wealth through real estate is one of the best things that someone can do long term! It is a lot easier than many buyers think and our team has a system that makes it super easy for every first time home buyer! We have access to low down payment mortgage options (even some that are ZERO down!), and many times your mortgage ends up being lower than what you pay in rent. One of the things that you have to consider is the tax benefit of owning a home!

We received this awesome 5 star review from this amazing teacher and client – THANK YOU! Awesome job to my fantastic agent partner, Alison Beach! Isn’t her house SUPER cute?!?!


We have a book called “My First Home” that goes over the entire process of purchasing a home – it’s our gift to you! Feel free to PM me for a copy or call 703-297-4251 🙂