This year will mark 13 years of working with my mama! It has and is continuing to be an amazing journey together!!!

She is truly my “not so secret weapon”! She believed in me before anyone else, so much so that she put me “in charge” after only a couple years working together – isn’t that a little crazy?! Haha!! There have been MANY a day where I felt like quitting and she has said “keep going!”. She has let me fail at things so I can learn and be a stronger leader, even when she saw things so clearly – she knew if she interfered than I would never learn – something I’m attempting to do with our leadership team, but wow, she has done it so well!

The last couple of years have been hard since my dad and grandparents accident and her back pain. She had to step back on things but in the last couple of months she has been FULLY back, and I’m SO thankful!!! We work the best TOGETHER, and I feel blessed to not only have her as my mama, my best friend, my realtor, but the perfect business partner for me!

PS. Most people now call us sisters, and in this new picture, can’t you see why??? She’s so beautiful!