Our 1K Giveaway is back! This has been one of our favorite ways to give back to our community over the years, and we are so excited to make such a huge impact on those who deserve it the most!

This month, the winner of our $1K Giveaway is a selfless mother, Margarita Garcia, who has dedicated her life to her daughters and her community. She came to the United States with just 2 bags and a big dream, and despite that, still gave so much to those around her. To this day, she continues to help everyone in her community with resources when they don’t have much. Buying groceries for families who lost their jobs during the pandemic and helping neighbors by baking cakes to cheer them up are just a couple of the ways she has impacted people around her.

On top of her community service, she works 6 days a week an average of 14 hours a day while also dealing with medical issues, and yet when someone from her community calls her to come help, she never says no!
Driving them to job interviews, informing them about government programs they can apply for, teaching them how to do taxes, etc., are things she regularly does to improve the lives of others.

She has a heart of gold and never expects anything in return, and because of all these reasons and many more, we think she deserves to be the winner of our $1K Giveaway! Congrats, Margarita, you are such an inspiration!

Do you want to nominate the next person for our 1K Impact Giveaway?? Our goal is to help as many families as possible – we’re giving back to our community in a BIG WAY! Every month, we’ll Giveaway $1,000 to an individual or family. Do you know someone experiencing financial hardship or volunteers in their community? We are looking for anyone who has made an impact or someone you know who is in need of this gift in one of the communities in which we sell homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Richmond, and West Virginia. Visit our website at ReynoldsTeam1KGiveaway.com for more details and rules for Nominations.