Buying your first home can be intimidating and scary! But the reality is that this fear stems from the unknown, aka not being familiar with the process of purchasing a home.

Let’s face it—no one teaches you how to approach mortgage shopping, the regulations involved in each one, how to structure a mortgage, how to negotiate, how to make a good investment, or even the fees involved until you’ve already started down the path to homeownership, which forces you to learn everything while you’re in the midst of searching for a home. Talk about INTIMIDATING and STRESSFUL!

At The Reynolds Team, we want you to be prepared and confident when it’s time to purchase your first home, not struggling to learn everything while touring and writing up offers on the homes you’re interested in. The fear of the unknown can be overcome with the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE! We are offering a FREE First-time Homebuyer Workshop to walk you through how to purchase your first home step-by-step. We will answer questions like:

– How much money do I need to put down?
– How much does it cost to purchase a home?
– How do I protect myself if I don’t love the home after I made the offer?

These questions and MORE will be answered at our Workshop taking place on July 7th @ 7 pm. We will also be hosting this Workshop on the first Tuesday of every month, so if you can’t make the first one, sign up for a later date! Register HERE. To find more workshops visit here at