We have 3 Superstar Workniversaries to celebrate today!!! Melanie Werner, Scooter Vines, and Jennifer Nalley joined our team on this day in 2018 (Melanie in 2017), and have helped us grow and prosper in so many ways! We are so thankful for them!

Melanie Werner | Realtor Partner
Melanie celebrates her 3rd year on our team and she’s impacted countless people with the biggest decisions of their lives. Thanks for always striving to learn more, to be educated and empowered to take on more in your role with us. A quality we admire and appreciate! We appreciate you and the work you do for our company! Happy Workniversary, Melanie!

Scooter Vines | Director of Digital Video Marketing
He goes by many names; Community Correspondent, Videographer, Photographer, etc, and judging. He is a talented individual and has leveled-up our Video Marketing during the last two years on our team! You’ll always see him with a camera in hand, capturing our client events and our team’s fondest moments that we cherish so much! Scooter is has boundless positive energy that radiates throughout all of his interactions. We wish you an awesome Workniversary, Scooter!

Jennifer Nalley | Realtor Partner
Jennifer Nalley is one of our incredible Realtor Partners in Maryland. She is extremely hard-working, kind-hearted, and a total expert in her field. She joined our team 2 years ago, and honestly, we don’t know what we’d do without her! You always exceeds expectations and really endeavors to take our team to new heights, thank you for your willingness to support your clients and your team members. We are so thankful for you, Jenny!