I am so blessed to have the partners I have with The Reynolds Team. I remember meeting John and knowing right away he was special. Together we have accomplished great things and it is a true joy to watch him continue to grow and help others. In this video, John is thanking me for impacting his life…if only he knew how much he INSPIRES ME!!! So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to my partner John Flynn.

Meet dedicated Husband, Father, Friend, and Reynolds Team Realtor Partner, John Flynn. John was at a “cross-road” with his career and was close to letting it all go. It wasn’t until a run-in with another Reynolds Team Realtor Partner Elizabeth Falcon that changed the course of John’s career and life. Hear how that encounter led to a meeting with me and joining our Team. John is now changing other people’s lives and was recently (along with 3 other Reynolds Team Partners) placed in the Top 10 of our KW office!!

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