Every market area is a bit different in terms of what drives real estate values and what is important in that market. I just flew to Ottawa, Canada, to speak to a group of realtors, and they were telling me that in their marketplace, schools don’t mean much in terms of their real estate prices. I quickly explained to them that in our area, schools are everything. You can take the entire DC Metro Area and pick out the highest priced areas, then look up the information on the schools, and guess what? They are the highest ranked schools. A school and the success of a school is very important in terms of impacting the community with our largest assets – our homes.

I remember being in the business when John Champe HS opened, and so many families made decisions based on a new high school opening up. Either to move to keep their child in Freedom HS sports or be excited about the new school and new opportunity. I wasn’t a mom at the time, so I didn’t really understand it. Now I 100% understand it!

When you take time to support your local schools, you are helping impact and grow your real estate value for the better at the same time. Everyone truly wins! There are many ways you can support your school. I know at The Reynolds Team we are constantly trying to support our local schools, their PTA’s, and their fundraisers. There are also other ways. Many times the school needs volunteers. You can attend parent- teacher conferences and get involved in the PTA.

We are very blessed in Eastern Loudoun County to have the amazing schools that we have, and I see our real estate values being impacted positively because of our great schools! Let’s continue to support them and make a positive impact on real estate values, but more importantly on our future world.