We hope you are having an amazing start of Spring! So many of our neighbors have shared with us about how a worthy cause close to them has directly impacted their families, our favorite stories come from neighbors like you! We often write about Fisher House Foundation because of the amazing impact they have on so many of our client-family. We would love to hear from you about how you’ve been impacted by a worthy cause close to your heart, we may even share your story in the next letter!

At the beginning of April, one of our amazing team members, Colin, got the opportunity to catch the total eclipse while traveling with family to Indian Lake, a lovely small town just north of Columbus, Ohio! He said it was a truly life-changing experience and was so glad to share it with so many others!

LFTH Apr, 2023 featured 1.jpg

Tragically though, as this rural town was preparing for this event they experienced another, more destructive, side of nature… A massive tornado tore through the town taking the homes and businesses from hundreds of families, and some sadly lost their lives. “Despite the destruction, the community greeted us openly with warmth and hospitality. By the time we arrived, there had been a big cleanup of the town but there were homes picked up from their foundations and smashed into others, twisted metal wrapped in high branches, and debris spread for miles…” EHT ORL APR, 2023 featured 2.1

Our Big Mission as a team is to find any way to give back to our community, and though rural Ohio is not directly our community, Colin and his family held close to their hearts another part of our mission… We are on a quest to raise $1,000,000 for all the communities we serve, and we’re not going to wait until we’re in those communities to start giving back! “Seeing the exhausted, yet welcoming faces of everyone during our visit reminded me of our mission and we immediately gave back to the local recovery effort to help them rebuild and prosper. Even though Ohio isn’t my home, I know someday my own community may be in desperate need of help and I like to think that someone from outside, maybe even someone from there in Indian Lake, will be able to help us in turn.”

This is why we’re so passionate about supporting worthy causes like Fisher House, the awesome impact they make on our team and each family they serve is so profound and lasts a lifetime! The compassion we see in their actions every day inspires our team and families like yours to bring more good into the world. With every introduction you give, we donate a portion of our income to these and other worthy causes so they can continue making an impact in our community! If you or if someone you know is thinking about moving, Call or Text us today at 407-809-1956 and introduce us to them. Not only will they get the 5-star service that we are known for, but they will help support an awesome worthy cause so they can continue all the good work they do in our community.

Thank You,
EmpowerHome Team

 If you are thinking about moving, or if someone you know may be, please call or text 407-890-1977 and introduce us to them. Not only will they get the 5-star service that we are known for, but they’ll be able to support this awesome worthy cause.