We were so excited to help Bill and Emily, who were set to get married in August of 2019, find their very first home! They had been renting for some time and were ready to stop paying someone else’s mortgage and transition into homeownership. We always encourage owning a home rather than renting, because having that asset is a fantastic investment, and more importantly, owning a home gives you the freedom to make it your own space!

Bill and Emily had little knowledge about what they could afford and how the process works—but that’s what we were there for! After setting them up for their pre-approval with Movement Mortgage, the world was their oyster. They were open to many different locations and types of homes, so finding the perfect one was going to be a breeze!

They became interested in New Build Townhomes that were set to be ready in 2020. With their heart set on a community they loved, we coached them on how to reserve a first right to own one of them. Realtor Partner, Rickey Fought, assisted them at the design center and instructed them on what options they could take advantage of to truly make this their dream home. Without representation during this phase, they could have missed out on so many possibilities to get the most of their money.

Bill and Emily are now the proud owners of their very first home, and we couldn’t be happier for them! Congratulations!

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