Exterior upgrades are not only an excellent addition for recreational enjoyment, but they also allow you to build equity in your home and attract buyers in the event you decide to sell. Not all outdoor renovations are created equally, though. In-ground pools, for example, scare people away due to the costly upkeep it requires. If you’re looking to remodel your outdoor spaces, consider the following ideas that are guaranteed to boost property value and give you a between a 75%-100% Return On Your Investment (ROI).

1. Firepit: There’s isn’t much better than summer nights spent by a fire—and buyers seem to think so too. Firepits that have a gas burner and surrounding patio area are ideal!

2. Garage Door: You’d be surprised how much curb appeal a new garage door can add to your home, which is arguably one of the most important aspects when selling a house.

3. Front Door: An impressive entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home! Upgrading to a stylish steel unit with window panels and new hardware will cost nearly $2,000, but you will see a considerable return, which makes it well worthwhile.

4. Landscaping: Mulching, applying stone planters, adding a natural flagstone walkway, planting shrubs, flowers, and a sizable tree will set you back quite a bit initially, but it is certainly something you cannot pass up if you’re looking to increase your home’s value. Also consider installing a sprinkler system! You will save on your water bill and add an executive feature that not many people have. Your landscaping can make or break a sale, so if you invest in your property now, you will thank yourself later.

5. Backyard Patio: Enhancing and expanding your outside living area is great for outdoor entertainment, which is desirable to many people.

6. Outdoor Kitchen: This may not be on most homebuyers’ must-have lists, but it’s a feature that will really set a home apart from the rest. Keep it simple, install a grill, stainless steel drawers, a sink, an ice chest, and some countertop space.

7. Outdoor Lighting: Illuminating walkways gives an enchanting ambiance in your yard. This feature is luxurious and deters burglars—a 2-in-1 benefit!
Tis’ the season for outdoor enjoyment, so get started on your outdoor projects today!

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