Moving up to a bigger home is a pivotal milestone in your life. It can mean you’re ready to take on more responsibility, you’re more financially stable, or you’ve run out of room for your growing family. No matter the reason, deciding to sell your smaller home for a bigger one is a life-changing event that requires a realtor who genuinely cares about your situation. Different reasons for moving to a bigger house also means that there are different criterium that the new home should meet. Only a realtor that truly cares about your circumstances will make sure that the perfect home is found.

For example, moving to a bigger house because you’ve outgrown your current one could mean you’re looking for additional bedrooms, bedrooms on different floors, recreational spaces, etc. This was such a case with our recent clients Diana and Robert. They were looking to move to a larger place because their family had grown, and they were tight on space.

But, despite the urgency, they were very reluctant to sell their current home. A few years back, they decided to sell with another realtor, but had no luck! Discouraged, but with urgency to move, they hired The Reynolds Team. In ONLY 2 DAYS, we were able to sell their home for OVER THE ASKING PRICE! They were finally able to move into their new dream home that fits everyone comfortably—even grandpa.

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