“Leaders enable others to act not by hoarding the power they have, but by giving it away. Exemplary leaders strengthen everyone’s capacity to deliver on the promises they make.”

Every member of The Reynolds Team has truly proven that they are exemplary leaders. Even through COVID-19, they have remained focused, resilient, and compassionate! And despite going through this Pandemic, they have succeeded in helping The Reynolds Team BREAK RECORDS all month long in April!

To recap, we helped 48 sellers and 38 buyers for a whopping total of 86 families served!!!. We are SO PROUD of our team for hustling through these trying times and staying focused on our goal of serving people through Real Estate.

Below are the CHAMPIONS of April that we are highlighting for going above and beyond and winning their month!

✯ Top Buyer Agent: Cody Regan
✯ Ratifying Machine: Jovan Ruzic
✯ Top Overall Agent & Top Listing Agent: Chris Johnson
✯ Get the Listing Award: Joel Wagner
✯ Know Your Worth Award: Nancy Garbo
✯ VIP Buyer Award: Reema Wadhwannia
✯ TOP ISA Based on Appointments Happened: Marc Parvin
✯ TOP ISA Based on Closings: Brian Parvin
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: Hira Akbar
✯ Amazing Marketing Team Member: Sierra Tillman
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: Ralph Torres

✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers:
– Chris Johnson
– Randee Coleman
– Tia Richards
– Rickey Fought
– Reema Wadhwannia
– Fereshta Bakhtari
– Bob Lamborn

✯ Top Conversation Leaders:
– OSA’s: Jovan Ruzic
– ISA’s: Eddie Hernandez
– Client Care: Madisen Fertel
– Transaction Coordinator: Julie Echeverria

✯ Top Agent for Team Loudoun: John Hutchinson
✯ Top Agent for Team Fairfax: Alison Beach
✯ Top Agent for Team Prince William: John Flynn
✯ Top Agent for Team MD South: Joel Wagner
✯ Top Agent for Team MD North & DC: Jennifer Dennis
✯ Top Agent for Team Richmond: JoanE Justice
✯ Top Agent for Team Atlanta: Kristina Inscoe

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