What separates The Reynolds Team from all other Realty Companies? We listened to you and crafted our business around your best interests!

The Real Estate Industry has a 28% satisfaction rate. That means 72% of people would NOT use the same Real Estate Agent again! We thought there HAS to be something wrong with the traditional Real Estate Industry if three-quarters of people wouldn’t dare use the same Agent again. We began to ask ourselves, what is the problem here? Why is this so common? We sat down with hundreds of families to get to the bottom of it and make it our mission to create a better way!

The number one complaint from customers of other Real Estate Companies was that they couldn’t get ahold of an agent—some never even heard back at all when they reached out! From this feedback, we created our LIVE Agent Availability from 8 am – 9 pm to make SURE someone is there to answer all of your questions about a property one of our sellers has, or to set up a showing.

But we didn’t stop there! The people we sat down with also told us about their concern for getting top dollar for their home. Many of those who worked with other Real Estate Agents felt like they were deceived into signing a contract only to have the price range they were promised not be met. This was the reason we created our Price Range Guarantee. We promise that you will get the price range we tell you or we will PAY you the difference! We aren’t going to lie and exaggerate what we think you can get for your home just to get you to sign a contract—we will be straight-forward and honest, and if we’re wrong, we’ll pay you the difference!

Speaking of contracts, another top concern for customers of Real Estate was getting stuck in one. Being deceived into signing is bad enough, but we were also told that some people were getting caught in a 12-month contract with their Agent! We found this absurd, and thus our Cancellation Guarantee was born to keep you out of unnecessary long term contracts. Unhappy with our services? You can fire us at any time.

Sure we have all these guarantees to ensure your satisfaction, but why go with us? How are we going to sell your home better than anyone else? With over 32 years of combined experience, we have expertly developed an Advanced Marketing Program. Under this plan, all of our listings are sent out to 1,200 different marketing channels to ensure that every single one gets as much exposure as possible. We invest thousands of dollars every month on these marketing platforms to put your home in front of as many buyers as possible.

A common misconception within Real Estate companies is that every single Agent should be independently good at everything. We found that expecting this of our Agents caused dissatisfaction and problems getting homes sold. Many companies will send one Agent out to a home and have them handle every single aspect of the sale, and sometimes, that Agent might not be perfect at every single thing! This is where we’re different—The Reynolds Team doesn’t just send one person to handle everything. We work as a TEAM united in getting your home sold for top dollar. We have a wide range of talents that all communicate together to create a systematic process that guarantees every aspect of the sale will be handled with great detail and strategy.

We are POSITIVE we will be able to sell your home with our extensive marketing strategies and top-notch team, but if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Our Buyers in Waiting Program will be the icing on the cake. With this program, your home is being marketed before you even call us. We have over 10,600 Buyers in Waiting RIGHT NOW. We know where they are looking, what price they have been pre-approved for, their time frame, and what they want in a home. When you call us to sell your home, we can match you to buyers who are looking for your exact listing! Your home might already be sold!

Sell Your Home Virtually GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It!* No Need to Leave the House, No Showings, Everything done 100% Virtually. Give us a Call at 703-297-4251. Know more by clicking HERE.