What a GREAT story to watch! See this testimonial from a family that decided to BUILD their very own home after getting guidance and assistance from The Reynolds Team!

Prior to meeting with The Reynolds Team, Royce and Kathlene never thought the idea of building their own home would be plausible, nor did they realize having a realtor to help during this process would be necessary. They admit that without having The Reynolds Team present during this process, they could have made some bad decisions that ultimately would have made them less satisfied in their final product.

There are many steps along the way, places where there’s room to save money, and places where you might want to spend more money. Having a knowledgeable realtor there to show you where you have wiggle room is valuable—especially for someone experiencing the building process for the first time.

With a huge learning curve, it’s crucial that you have someone on your side to make your dream come true! Royce and Cathleen have the only house in their neighborhood with a screened-in porch, all thanks to The Reynolds Team being there to show them all of the amazing options!

Congratulations to Royce and Kathlene on your stunning new home—we wish you and your family the best!

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