“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity to rise.” – Kobe Bryant

Our team meeting was particularly special today since we gave awards for not only February’s achievements but also for January’s! This jam-packed awards meeting showed us just how far we’ve come since the beginning of last year, and we want to share how proud we are of our team of CHAMPIONS who are already on fire this year!

In 2019, we helped 75 families buy/sell a home between January and February of last year. This year, we helped 121 families in just these 2 months! What an INCREDIBLE achievement—we already served 46 more families than we did last year!!!

If you want to see which team members have contributed the most to this improvement, keep reading for our January and February Awards:

✯ Top Buyer Agent: (Jan- Kanwar Sodhi) & (Feb- Reema Wadhwannia)
✯ Ratifying Machine: (Jan- JR Ruzic) & (Feb- Chris Johnson)
✯ Top Overall Agent: (Jan- JR Ruzic) & (Feb- Tim Tieff)
✯ Top Listing Agent: (Jan- JR Ruzic) & (Feb- JR Ruzic)
✯ Get the Listing Award: (Jan- Jennifer Dennis) & (Feb- Chris Johnson)
✯ VIP Buyer Service Award: (Jan- Franklin Echeverria) & (Feb-Reema Wadhwannia)
✯ Know Your Worth Award: (Jan- Cody Regan) & (Feb- John Flynn)
✯ TOP ISA Based on Appointments Happened: (Jan & Feb- Marc Parvin)
✯ TOP ISA Based on Closings: (Jan & Feb- Marc Parvin)
✯ Amazing Success Team Member: (Jan- Hira Akbar) & (Feb- Abby Carten)
✯ Amazing Marketing Team Member: (Jan- Sarah Lawson) & (Feb- Leanna Bostrom)
✯ Amazing VA Success Team Member: (Jan- Ron Baladad) & (Feb- Elle Desales)
✯ Best Month of their RTR Careers: (Jan- Kanwar Sodhi, Stacy Smith, & Tia Richards) & (Feb- Craig Carozza-Caviness, Reema Wadhwannia, Sandy Furtado, & Maggie Ball)

Congratulations to all our winning team members for their hard work and dedication.

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