Feeling a little cooped up amidst practicing social distancing and staying indoors as much as possible? Many of us are even working from home now, so it makes sense that you might be starting to experience a little cabin fever. But fear not—this is the perfect time to practice self-care, get in touch with yourself, and focus on your hobbies and interests! There is still so much to do from home, so make sure to read our tips below for ideas on how to stay active during this pandemic.

1. Listen to an audiobook: If you have a bunch of books lying around the house that you promised yourself you’d read but have yet to pick up, nows your chance! If you’re still reluctant to start reading a new book, try out an audiobook instead. You can even do another activity while listening to one like exercising, yoga, stretching, drawing, sitting on your deck, working in the garden, etc.

2. Think about what you’re grateful for: With all that’s happening around us, it gives us the chance to appreciate what we have. Write down what you’re grateful for and spend some time being thankful you have your health, family, and friends!

3. Video-chat friends and family: You always have the opportunity to virtually chat with your friends and family even if you’re staying indoors!

4. Cook/bake something new: Try out a new recipe or make your own creation with the ingredients you have at home. Get in touch with the culinary arts and whip up a new masterpiece!

5. Meditate: Panicking, worrying, and fearing the worst will cause you a lot of stress. Stress is known to weaken your immune system, which is the opposite of what you need right now. Meditating can help ease your stress, stabilize your mood, and increase your well-being. Once you start, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!

6. Exercise: Gyms are understandably a scary place to be right now. If you are practicing social distancing, this is definitely a place to avoid at the moment. But, this is no excuse to stop getting fit! Walk/run around your neighborhood or follow an at-home workout routine video on Youtube to make sure you’re staying active!

7. Stay hydrated: Boost your immune system and well-being by making sure you’re staying hydrated.

8. Sort through photos: If you have boxes of family photos that have just been lying around, use this time to create some photo albums! Add your personal style and show them off at your next family gathering.

9. Spring cleaning: Use your free time to sort through your things and rid of any unnecessary junk. Go through drawers, closets, and storage spaces and get everything organized.

10. Wash your car: With the warmer weather settling in, washing your car by hand is no longer an endeavor that will cause you to get frostbite. Nothing feels quite as good as a freshly cleaned car!

11. Spend time with your pets: Who doesn’t like spending more time with their pets? Teach your pet a new trick, go on an extra-long walk, or finally give your dog a much-needed bath.

12. Drawing: Art, in general, is very therapeutic. Open a sketchbook and start doodling—see what you can come up with! Or if you want to enhance your skills, follow a Youtube tutorial and learn something new.

13. Plan a trip for the future: If you had to cancel your travel plans or are excited for the day it will be safe to vacation again, use this time to plan out a future trip so when the time comes, you’ll have it all figured out!

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