How you decorate your living room sets the tone for gatherings and daily life. It is not only a huge space to fill, but it is also the most significant. If you want your living room to boast some “feng shui” (the art of placement), we have some tips for you to consider on how to configure furniture and what to add so as to harmonize your home to its fullest potential!

1. Designate a focal point: A natural focal point would be something like a fireplace or a mantle. If you don’t have one of these, create one with a piano, large mirror, rug, or artwork. Once you have this, you can work around it to decorate the rest of the space.

2. Arrangement of furniture: There’s more to feng shui than just putting a couch against a wall. Consider traffic areas to allow for easy navigation, always have a clear path to the exits, and center things around your focal point. Arrange furniture in such a way that people sitting won’t have to strain themselves to speak to the room or to see the TV. Pulling furniture off the walls is actually better, as it creates a more intimate setting.

3. Additions:
a. Rugs: Ideally, all the furniture should sit on top of the rug, and there should be 20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the area rug to the walls.
b. Art: Find art that speaks to you and matches your living room’s style! It’s important to remember to leave “white space,” that is to say, don’t fill every inch of the wall, instead leave plenty of space in between.
c. Lighting: There are 3 types of lighting; ambient, task, and accent. Overhead chandeliers can act as accent lighting, whereas natural light coming through the windows is ambient. If you’re lucky enough to have extensive windows, accentuate them with lighter colored curtains to really allow for the room to glimmer. Task lighting would be something like a floor lamp or table side lamp that would act as a source of light if you were reading a book or writing something down.

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