You’ll wish you had read these home hacks a long time ago…

1. Fix holes in a screen with clear nail polish.
2. Put mini furniture sliders on the bottom of plant pots to avoid scratches.
3. Use a blow dryer to heat crayon marks on walls, which will soften the wax. Then, simply wipe away the marks.
4. Make rugs non-slip by adding lines of caulk at the bottom.
5. Clean your HVAC vent registers in the dishwasher.
6. Use cooking oil to get rid of sticky label residue.
7. Put rubber bands on each end of a cutting board to make it non-slip.
8. Switch your ceiling fan’s direction. In colder months, your fans should turn clockwise to push warm air back down into the room.
9. Remove wax from furniture with an ice cube.
10. Waterproof shoes with beeswax and use a blow dryer to melt it, so you no longer see the residue.

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