Did you know that when you get your real estate license, no one actually trains you on how to sell a home? You literally walk out after passing the test and have ZERO knowledge about what it takes to get a home sold. It’s no wonder that the average agent sells less than 3 homes a year.  Or that 95% of real estate agents don’t make it more than 5 years in this industry.  So how do you know that the agent you hire actually knows how to write an ad that will get your home sold?  You should ask what type of marketing training the agent has taken. Debbie and I spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year, EVERY SINGLE YEAR, to educate ourselves in marketing, including finding the right words to use to get a home sold.

This is one of the main things that sets us apart from other agents and how our team has literally been able to sell HUNDREDS of homes that other agents could not sell. Many agents will tell you that only the price matters, but that is 100% false. The price does matter, of course, but that is not the ONLY thing.  Words matter and how the ad for the home is written matters.

The right word choice can make a $20,000 difference in value at times.  Our team has written over 1,100 real estate ads. We have the training and education and invest in continually trying to do better in this area. Consider this simple example: for “Backyard with Lake Views”, there are over 200 descriptive words to choose from that can be put in front of Lake Views.  For example, Tranquil Lake Views, Private Lake Views, Breathtaking Lakeviews, etc.  We want to use words that cause the buyer to have an emotional response and not just list features.

Different descriptive words attract different types of buyers, each prepared to pay different prices.  There is a SCIENCE to this that has been perfected by The Reynolds Team over 29 years, over 3,000 transactions, and over $870,000,000 in total homes sold.

Which ad do you think will attract more buyers?

It’s also important to give a solution to the buyer reading the ad as to how they can purchase your home. For example; (1) if the buyer has a home to sell but is interested in your home, we’ll give them a solution; (2) if the buyer might be interested in your home but has very little money to put down, we’ll find a solution for that.  This is what Debbie and I focus on every single day: making things happen; writing ads that give buyers an answer as to how they can get into the home of their dreams; getting our sellers’ homes sold for top dollar in less time!

To discuss your home and how we can write the ad for your home, the ad that WORKS, give us a call today!