Heather and her family had been interested in selling their home since 2017! With some back and forth about whether or not to stay put, The Reynolds Team kept in friendly communication throughout the years until they were ready to make the move. When they reached out to us in January of 2020, Heather was in the midst of a job transfer and decided they were ready to put the green light on selling their home so she could report to her new job in a few months.

We hit the ground running on this listing and wasted no time getting it ready for market. We staged it, took photos, and posted it across all of our 1,200 marketing channels to be sure it got in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Within days their house was on the market, there was a TON of traffic coming in to check out its beauty— huge crowds came to their open house! It’s hard to imagine it wouldn’t have gotten this much attention; just the gourmet kitchen was enough to make it anyone’s dream home! And yes, you did read that right—their house was only on the market for 6 DAYS before it was SOLD for $8,000 OVER THE ASKING PRICE!

This is how champions do business!! Getting top dollar for our clients and doing it with the least amount of stress. We have to thank our entire team for staying in contact with this family to make sure that when they were ready, we were there to serve them.

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