Sharing my heart!

As I sit in reflection of 2018, one thing I am reminded of – AMAZING People and Relationships that I was able to have in 2018 – Some are “new”, while others go back far and wide! These are TRUE relationships – Relationships that love, and support one another through thick and thin!

We completed helping our last family of 2018 on Dec 31st – we were blessed with the opportunity to serve 553 families this year – WOW! As far as I can tell, no team in Northern Virginia has ever helped over 550 families, and my amazing team did this! I AM SO PROUD! This was the best year our team has ever had! A growth of 150 families served compared to 2017!! Thank you to Larry O’Connor, Eric Bickel, and Jeff Katz for being such a crucial part of our team as well.

THANK YOU to our amazing forever clients and RAVING FANS that trust The Reynolds team with your real estate needs, and proudly refer us to your friends and family – WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!

2018 was an exciting year for my husband, George Oji and I personally, as we found out we will soon be holding our son in our arms. Our family also had the opportunity to travel and create memories in many parts of our great country and world.

On a professional front for me, it was one of the more challenging years and FULL OF GROWTH. I have never shared this publicly but around April or May of this year, I basically had a break down – I was full of doubt – Doubt that I was equipped to run an $8,000,000 a year organization – how in the world am I able to handle and LEAD such an amazing organization and group of people?? I looked around and saw the 50+ families that trusted me as their leader and employer, and felt so inadequate. I started looking around, and thinking that I should probably find the team a more “adequate” leader and felt as though my business and team outgrew my leadership. Then….I began to pray that God would put PEOPLE in my path that could help me grow, push me, and help me have FAITH that what He has put in front of me, I am 100% adequate for! HE DID JUST THAT!!! WOW, the amazing people that He put in my path this year. THANK YOU TO EACH OF YOU! Just know you are an answer to my prayer! Many of you took my calls, answered my questions on “how am I supposed to do this?” and BELIEVED IN ME! I learned to BELIEVE IN MY GREATNESS – not in a prideful way, but to believe in the greatness that GOD has put in front of me!!! Believing that He would never put something in front of me that He knew I couldn’t handle!

Thank you to those that have mentored, coached, and poured into me this year! My prayer is that I have mentored, coached, and poured into others this year as well.

One of my life missions is to give back and impact others, just like so many have done before me – I was able to do this as this year was the first year I was asked to speak at Mega Camp in front of 10,000 people!! Thank you Gary Keller and Mindy McGee Hager for making that possible! This was truly a dream of mine and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity!

Thank you 2018 for the growth, challenges, and especially for the RELATIONSHIPS!

As we go into 2019, my prayer is that our team will continue to IMPACT our communities and the real estate industry in a huge way!

2019 – LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready!

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Sarah Reynolds | CEO, Team Leader

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