It is okay to be uncertain during these times—we all are! But instead of dwelling on what you cannot control, to protect your mindset, you must focus on the things that you have the power to manage. When we say “protect your mindset,” what we mean is to shift your thinking away from worry and anxiety about the situation we are facing. You will find strength and positivity once you change your outlook!

Focus On What You Can Control.
You cannot control the Pandemic and the Government’s decisions surrounding it, but you CAN control your own actions to better your situation. Call your loved ones, get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, exercise, meditate, and spend quality time with your family!

Not Stuck, Safe.
We are not STUCK in our homes; we are SAFE in our homes.

Scared Of Getting Sick VS Prevention From Getting Sick.
Of course, it makes sense that you are scared about getting sick. But instead of looking at this side of things, think about what you can do to prevent yourself and others from getting sick. Be proactive!

Run Out Of Items At Home VS Use Items Wisely.
Stressing about running out of items is bad for your mental health! Think instead about how you will use what you have carefully, and be appreciative that you have everything you need for now. If you need more, you will surely get it!

Everything Is Shutting Down VS Essential Things Will Remain Open
Don’t panic about theaters and restaurants being closed, these were never essential anyway! Grocery stores, doctors, and pharmacies will stay open. What you NEED will be there for you.

Stay positive, focus on what you can control and we WILL get through this together! Think about how you can change your mindset in every part of your life and become a leader in your community that inspires hope through these difficult times!

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